About us


We are a professional consulting firm with extensive experience in management, design and implementation of high technology solution based on best practices and using the latest innovative tools:

 · Cloud Computing

· Project Management

 Our main goal is that our clients improve their processes and services to optimize their IT areas and increase their profitability.

 ¿How do we do?

 To achieve this we rely on a methodology with a strong relationship with people, looking for the best coupling technology and bussiness processes with the expertise and dedication of our consultants looking for a solution according to customer needs and expectations, capabilities tools with the resources and structure of the organization.

 Organization can:

· Be more efficient in managing, automating tasks and allocating resources where they can best utilize their skills

· Provide IT service quality by ensuring compliance with its commitments

· Facilitate the integration f technology into business processes, so as to maximize the value provided by IT organization

· Provide IT services business in which you can trust


 We support our solutions and specialized services to our customers and prospects with innovative tools, industry-leading products, world-class standard methodologies and proven investment strategies, aimed at getting the best return on investment in Information Technology.


 We offer a team with extensive experience in the knowledge of new trends in business and institutional solutions, in order to achieve better operating performance in achieving its strategic objectives.


 Based on the fundamentals of our experience and strategy, we will: develop, define, design, implement, train and support our customers throughout the execution of the projects contracted to our company.


 We offer our customers and prospects "reverse pyramid", which is to define their projects under the Information Technology business vision by aligning its strategic objectives in the best way to make and manage projects efficiently to achieve the goal of continuous improvement proposed by the client.


Our company has a project team specialized in Netsuite, the #1 enterprise software in the cloud.

We have consolidated the consulting practice for more than 8 years in Netsuite, implementing various of its modules in different industries in the market also in many latin american countries and the United States. 

We’re experienced professionals with a very strong customer satisfaction orientation.   

Witecc and your organization make the perfect fit for a successful solution in order to reach the competitive global market.  

We offer to all of our customers, localizations in differents countries, specific customizations in areas as Payroll, HHRR, electronic bill and others into Netsuite

Please not heritase to contact us and let's implement your business solution to differentiated you from your competitiors.

Be identified by our clients as their trusted advisors, understanding their strategic objectives, to achieve the highest profitability and efficiency in their investments in Information Technology
To offer specialized products and services of Information Technology and Project Management so that our clients achieve an optimum use of their operating and investment budgets, with highly qualified personnel, oriented to excellence in technological solutions

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