Powerfull simplicity

ProfitGuard is part of a new generation of applications developed with the platform from, the leader in software as a SaaS service or as an on-demand application. Around the world more than 60,000 companies with more than three million users take advantage of this platform, including leading companies like: Citigroup, E * Trade, ING, Aon, Japan Post, Deutsche Bank, GMAC Bank, Suntrust Banks, etc. WITECC offers you the first profitability application that does not require any computing platform; More than a browser and an internet connection.

Profit-based business processes?

ProfitGuard is a solution designed for financial organizations of all sizes that require estimating the profitability of each of their placement opportunities. ProfitGuard provides sales executives with world-class functionality without costly platform components. With tools for easy customization, integration and management, your executives can begin to immediately estimate the profitability of each of the placement opportunities. ProfitGuard is based on the transfer pricing methodology to calculate the cost of using funds and thus estimate the net margin of the placement opportunities. In addition, by including commissions and estimated expenses, ProfitGuard presents to the sales executive an estimated Profit and Loss Statement for each placement opportunity. This information is invaluable to protect the profitability of a financial institution.

Transfer pricing

ProfitGuard uses the concept of Transfer Pricing to calculate the cost of using funds. Assets and liabilities are given the transfer rates that reflect their specific characteristics of validity and repricing. Transfer prices at equal rates achieve these objectives by dividing the margin into three components - credit margin, margin of funding and interest rate risk. In addition to helping business executives make business decisions based on profitability, transfer prices at equal rates, eliminates a bank's exposure to interest rate risk from the business process, allowing it to focus on the contribution it offers Every opportunity of placement. This process eliminates the interest rate risk of the profitability measurement in the business unit, centralizing this issue in the Treasury.

Automation of the sales force (SFA)

ProfitGuard integrates with the best CRM solutions on the market, allowing you to have a complete view of interactions when managing business processes based on the estimated contribution of placement opportunities. This feature completely changes the focus of business processes from volume to contribution.

Key benefits

ProfitGuard offers an extensive set of benefits that help you more effectively manage your company's performance, including:

Fast, low-cost implementation that encourages high ROI. Fast return on investment implies that customers often see a positive performance within three months of deployment, much faster than the profitability threshold that typically occurs one year or more for client / server software.

ProfitGuard is based on a secure and scalable online infrastructure, it supports hundreds of thousands of users with great scale savings and no hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain. Millions of dollars invested in the most advanced technology to achieve the highest level of Internet security. Disaster recovery and protection through security backups ensure security and fail-safe.

ProfitGuard uses estimated costs and commissions for each financial product, in order to generate a Statement of Profit and Loss for each placement opportunity. When there is a natural integration with the ProfitPro module, it is possible to use real average costs and commissions in order to obtain a much more accurate contribution calculation.

Full and flexible automation allows you to implement profitable business processes with your company characteristics and easily modify them when requirements change. Accessible anywhere in the world through a standard web browser; The application requires little training. Because it is easy to learn and use, acceptance rates regularly exceed 90%, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

Custom reports give you instant insight into the profitability of placement opportunities, just as KPIs allow you to monitor your business operations with a view of profitability for better decision making. By shifting the focus to the profitability factor, organizations can forecast not only the volume of placement operations but also their profitability.

ProfitGuard integrates with your transactional systems securely and reliably through web services. The ease of integration with the transactional systems of the company, allows to achieve a commercial process based on the profitability.