Powerfull simplicity

RiskPro is part of a new generation of applications developed with the platform of, leading software as a SaaS service or as applications à la carte. CINDGRUP, E * Trade, ING, Aon, Japan Post, Deutsche Bank, GMAC Bank, Suntrust Banks, etc. WITECC offers you the first risk application that does not require any computer platform; More than a browser and an internet connection.

Risk is an inherent component of doing business in the financial services industry. The ability to manage and control risk is the primary function and fundamental objective of any organization. RiskPro focuses on the effort to manage both the credit risk and the market risk for the various financial institutions.

Credit risks

The RiskPro application will be parameterized to calculate the different elements involved in credit risk:

 Probabilistic model for the generation of probability of default (PD)

 Calculation of Expected Loss (LGD) and Unexpected Loss according to Basel II

 Calculation of Reserves at the instrument level, customer, product, product family, agency, division, company and consolidated Corporate

Market and liquidity risks

CollectPro offers an extensive set of benefits that help you effectively manage customer collections, including:

 Fast, low-cost implementation that encourages high ROI. A rapid return on investment implies that customers often see a positive performance within three months of implementation, much faster than the profitability threshold that usually occurs one year or more for conventional software

 A secure and scalable online infrastructure offers assistance to hundreds of thousands of users, economies of scale without hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain. DataCenters millions of dollars invested in the most advanced technology to achieve the highest level of Internet security, which has +100,000 companies in the world. Disaster recovery and protection through security backups ensure fail-safe security

 Full and flexible automation allows you to implement the processes of collections with the characteristics of your company and to modify them easily when the requirements of the business change. An increase in the productivity of agents means more effective recovery of accounts receivable and therefore a better utilization of capital

 Integration with email allows for more seamless communication with the client without requiring any programming or installing email servers

 Accessible anywhere in the world through a standard web browser; The application requires little training. Because it is easy to learn and use, acceptance rates regularly exceed 90%, increasing productivity and profitability

 Customized reports provide an instant view of the status of collection operations, equipment activities, payments, customers and accounts. The control panels allow to visualize the advance of the collections and the effectiveness of the operation in real time

 The Apex Mobile platform incorporates wireless devices, handheld devices and disconnected laptops to take charge of the field

 The integration facilities offered by the platform allow CollectPro to be integrated with the company's telephony system for greater efficiency in charge calls. The ease of integration with the company's transactional systems allows the management of collections and the analysis of operations in real time

 CollectPro integrates seamlessly with the other CRM modules allowing the company to have a complete view of the interactions with its clients: the management of marketing campaigns and their follow-up, follow-up of commercial opportunities, sales forecasts, Customer service and its resolution using a knowledge base to the problems that the clients report.